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Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is a wrap that, just as its name suggests, shrinks tightly around food-container when wrapped around the hot food. And not just that, it also preserves food well. Each one of you - from restaurant owner, catering service provider, to event planner, needs this on a daily basis. We understand your requirement well enough and hence have brought the entire range listed down in here with different sizes and quantity to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Just explore the range and place your bulk order now!


Parties are majorly about two things; one - socialising and second - the food. And something that has food as its one of the primary need, you can not afford to mess up with food; in any which way. Shrink wrap is what helps you with retaining both - the freshness and taste of the food. And hence, we have brought it in bulk for you and that too at a price that’s impressively economical, that too without compromising on the quality of the same. Because we know, how much does hygeine and quality matters when it comes to anything distantly related to food!

Foodiepack offers free-shipping service on orders above £ 175, while it also has a very good and reliable logistics service across entire Europe. Plus, just in case, there’s a situation of returning these shrink wraps back then don’t worry. You can send them back within 30-days of its purchase and we will return the respective amount to you without asking any questions, and hence making the return-process feasible and hassle-free for you.

Details and Specifications of Shrink Wrap

Product Overview
This type of Shrink Wrap shrinks in length and width due to heat and forms tightly around the product.

These versatile shrink wraps are precise for protecting the shrink wrapped contents.

They can be used for numerous objectives such as for packaging, security, containment, and safety as they are not vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by dust, dirt or moisture.

These Shrink Wraps are sealed as airtight package and are waterproof.

Variety of sizes
They are accessible in range of sizes and colours.



Quality hallmark
Food Safe


Shrink film

Quantity per pallet

Weights and measures
Width (cm) 46
Length (cm) 46
Content (pieces) 1000