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Wooden Ice Cream Spoons

Ice cream is loved and savoured even-handedly by everyone and across all seasons. And to savour it, Foodiepack brings you this beautifully designed wooden ice cream spoons. Made out of raw material and a thoughtfulness of adopting nature-friendly disposables, this set of wooden ice cream spoon is great in its quality. In addition to that, one can also reuse them by washing if they wish to, which is also something that is highly advisable to be done. So, go ahead, place your order and go eco-friendly!


Wooden ice cream spoons are one of the best alternative one can provide while serving ice-creams at any event, party, social gathering or even at your personal ice-cream outlet. They’re eco-friendly and crafted in the most classiest manner to keep up with the demand of well-designed disposable cutleries. In fact, the wood-finish of these wooden ice cream spoons give it a very rustic, raw and artistic look. So much so, that it makes it even a better alternative against the non-disposable ice-cream spoons out there.

Also the no-compromise attitude of Foodiepack is something that gives you an assurance about the quality of these wooden ice cream spoons here, and even other disposable utensils we’ve brought here for you. Because, just like you, we also confirm with significance of high-quality products.

Ordering at Foodiepack brings you with multiple benefits, apart from the wholesale rates of the products. We have a very good logistics service all across Europe, so if your order is to be delivered within Europe, we can do it for you. And if, your order is of £ 175 or above, then we’ll be doing free-shipping delivery for you. So, place your order now and avail all the benefits that we’ve got for you!

Details and Specifications of Wooden Ice Cream Spoons

Product Overview
These wooden ice cream spoons are utilized with ice-cream tubs.

These versatile wooden ice cream spoons are precise for a wide-range of purpose like for eating an ice-cream sundae.

They can be used for numerous purposes by catering and food-service companies during events, parties, and other different occasions.

These wooden ice cream spoons are effortless to use and come with simple looks.

Variety of sizes
They are accessible in 1 colour.



Quality Hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used

Sorbet and ice-cream

Range of Quality per Pallet

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm)  95