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Wooden Forks

Forks and spoons have been an integral part of every meal, since ages. It’s just that the material and design of them has changed drastically over the years. And since today, it is the disposable cutlery that is reigning the demand. But that doesn’t mean any kind of compromise in the design and quality of the same. And that is exactly why, Foodiepack brings you these beautifully crafted pieces of wooden forks. It is classy in its appearance and designing, while being durable when it comes to the quality of the same. So, don’t think much and order it right away!


Wooden forks are great in all possible aspects. Don’t believe us? Well, we do have a few reasons to back it with. They’re disposable, hence easy to carry and use. They’re reusable, hence thoughtful. They’re made out of wooden, hence eco-friendly. Plus they are also very well-designed and hence has a very classy and elegant feel to it. And if that was not all, Foodiepack brings you these wooden forks at a very economical price, since we’re the wholesaler!

Ordering for these wooden forks at Foodiepack comes with the benefit of free-shipping on orders of £ 175 and above. Foodiepack will get you the lot delivered at your doorstep, if that is within Europe; since Foodiepack has a very good logistics service all across Europe. And of course the amazing 30-day return policy in your favour!

Details and Specifications of Wooden Forks

Product Overview
These wooden forks are utilized to have snacks and other food.

These versatile wooden forks are precise for a wide-range of purpose which includes having a breakfast, lunch or a dinner.

They can be used for numerous purposes by catering and food-service companies during events, parties and other occasions.

These wooden forks are straightforward to use and can be effortlessly combined with the series of table knives and spoons utilized.

Variety of sizes
They are available in assorted range of sizes and colours.


Quality Hallmark
Food Safe

Environmental hallmark
FSC 100%, Green Key, SUP-proof

Material Used

Wooden forks

Range of Quantity per pallet

Range of Weights and Measures

Length (mm)  165