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Plastic jars with lids

Jars have introduced us with a new way of serving desserts, fruits, smoothies and whole lot of other such scrumptious eatables. Foodiepack brings you such jars in the range of our disposable products. The designs that these disposable jars with lids come in, are no less than that of the glass jars. Whether you are owning a restaurant, organising events involving serving food or are into the business of food delivery, these range of disposable jars with lids are the most convenient and yet the classiest option available. Plus, buying in bulk with us will definitely benefit you in the costing of the same too. So explore the range of these disposable jars with lids at Foodiepack and see place your order now!

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Disposable jars with lids is not just an convenient option for serving the palatable dishes but also one of the most presentable container too. They do say that one can not expect fancy varieties, when it comes to choosing such disposable jars with lids. But let us break that myth, by presenting you these wide variety of disposable jars that are very well-designed to meet the demand of presentable appearance of the same.

Foodiepack also does not compromise on the quality of its product, while taking care of its look and appearance. In addition to that, we also provide free shipping on the orders of and above £ 175, along with the reliable and safe logistics service that we provide all across Europe. And of course, the 30-day customer-friendly return-policy, where you can return the product within 30 days of its purchase and get the money back without any questions being asked. So, what are you still waiting for? Grab the opportunity and place your order now!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Jars with Lid

Product Overview
Present your fruit juices and smoothies in plastic jars that can be closed securely.

These sturdy round jars are precise for fresh fruit juices, smoothies and squashes to drink. The jars are made of crystal-clear plastic with screw-on lid.

Matching screw-on lid makes it effortless to fill and close the jars in advance to keep up drinks fresh, hygienic and safe. It is a resourceful and striking choice to tins and glass bottles.

Variety of sizes
The plastic jars are obtainable in various sizes.



Quality Hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used
APET, Glass, Metal

Plastic tub

Round jar, clear, Square jar, clear, a-PET

Range of Quantity per pallet
17, 3332, 13, 2548, 9, 1296, 7, 1001

Range of Weights and Measures
Contents (ml) 250, 370, 730, 970