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Plastic food containers

The entire range of plastic food container at Foodiepack is diverse in their shapes and sizes. So much so, that we’re sure it will meet all your requirements from small food container for french fries to big ones for packing full-plate meals. Explore the entire range in here and place you bulk order now!

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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You require plastic food containers, some with a lid and some without. So, Foodiepack also has several plastic food storage containers with lid, along with the ones without them. Each one of these variant in different shapes and sizes but equally reliable quality. Plus the reasonable prices of the same, because we’re the wholesalers. What else do you need!

Foodiepack offers free-shipping service on orders above £ 175, while it also has a very good and reliable logistics service across entire Europe. Plus, just in case, there’s a situation of returning these plastic food containers then don’t worry. You can send them back within 30-days of its purchase and we will return the respective amount to you without asking any questions, and hence making the return-process feasible and hassle-free for you.

Details and Specifications of Plastic Food Container

Product Overview
These Plastic Food Containers makes sure your food items remain securely sealed so it is easy to transport..

These versatile Plastic Food Containers are precisely used for keeping food items including mustard, ketchup, sauce, dressing, jam or butter.

They can be used by for frequent purposes by caterer agencies at events, parties and on many occasions.

These products are an ideal way to make sure that the food items stay hygienic for a longer period of time and can be securely sealed so it is convenient during transport.
Variety of sizes
The Plastic Food Containers are available in diverse styles, sizes and shapes.

Neutraal, DEPA®

Transparent, Black, Brown, Blue, White, Black/white

Round, Rectangular, Oval, Fish

Quality hallmark
Food Safe
Material Used
PP, PS. Kraft and plastic, PET, Cardboard, OPS, APET, LDPE, HDPE

Plastic cup, A-container, Salad container, French fries container, Frankfurter container, Hamburgerbak, Snack box, Menu container, 1/2 gastronorm container, Kilo container, Side fold bag     

1 of 3 compartiments

Quantity per pallet
20, 24, 64, 60, 75, 80, 72, 81, 140, 12, 16, 300, 450, 42, 50, 30, 36, 384, 168, 320, 144, 192, 32, 18, 160, 48, 33, 110

Range of Weights and measures
Contents (ml) 1000.0, 10.7, 30, 10, 75, 125, 250, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 300, 350, 500, 96, 118, 162, 65, 100
Diameter (mm) 115.0, 72, 46, 101, 95, 76, 119
Contents (cc) 350, 460, 520
Diameter bottom (mm) 128
Diameter rim/edge (mm) 150 
Thickness (my) 20, 40
Side fold (cm) 30, 20
Contents (l) 50
Size (mm) 83x83x36, 108x82x45, 108x82x27, 108x82x30, 108x82x43,108x82x50, 108x82x59,66,97x66,97x28,5, 203x95x36, 152x76x80, 143x95x50, 142x68x34, 121x93x31, 285x150x38,121x93x31, 145x95x36, 163x110x37, 189x120x36, 203x68x33, 208x55x32, 204x95x35, 204x120x36, 205x120x36, 170x93x31, 133x64x65, 200x110x40, 200x140,163x110, 180x115,
Size Lid (mm) 226x177, 7x195x140, 270x175, 32x238x203, 22x166x85, 23x207x86, 28x166x138, 27x208x138, 32x238x203, 25x206x165, 180x35, 171x127,