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Plastic cups for Beverages

Disposable cups for beverages are the ever-trending and all-season disposable product for every other big or small event. It doesn’t matter if you’re into food and catering service business or event management, or maybe a retailer who provides disposable cups and glasses to such business owner or private party hosters. What we do know is that the disposable cups for beverages is a must of the buying list of all of you. Then why go anywhere else, when Foodiepack offers you a range of benefits like awesome logistics across Europe, free shipping on ordering in bulk with the minimum value of £ 175 or more and money back on returning the products within 30 days of purchase. So, what are you still thinking about? Order with us and avail all of these benefits!

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Whether it’s a full-fledged lunch or dinner party, some corporate evening, a birthday party or any other social gathering for that matter. Every such sort of event needs to have some or the other kind of hot/cold drink as a serving. And of course, each one of you would definitely agree with the fact that the disposable plastic cups are a way more convenient and cheaper option than the glass cups. This is exactly why Foodiepack has brought you a wide range of these plastic disposable cups, which comes in various shapes sizes, colours and designs.

These range of clear plastic cups by Foodiepack comes in various quantity sizes from 24 pieces per pallet to 180 pieces per pallet. There are five different quantity sizes between the two and hence, it is apt for every category of wholesale buyer. And of course, you do know about our customer-friendly return policy and amazing logistics service. So, you know buying from Foodiepack is a wholesome experience.

Details and Specifications of Disposable Cups for Beverages

Product Overview
These cups are utilized to serve water, juices and drinks.

These versatile cups are precise for a wide-range of purposes such as hot and cold drinks, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, fruit juices and water.

They can be used for numerous purposes at multiple types of events and clubs. 

These cups are lightweight, hygienic, straightforward to stack and comfortable to drink out of.

Variety of sizes
They are available in a range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal

Transparent, White, Brown/white, Red

Quality Hallmark

Material Used

Drinking cup

Range of Quantity per pallet
24, 72, 64, 16, 180, 30, 36

Range of Weights and Measures
Height (mm) 63, 75, 87, 95
Contents (ml) 100, 150, 200, 180, 300, 400
Contents (oz) 4, 6, 10, 16