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Plastic appetizer forks and spoons

Disposable-Appetizer Spoons & Forks on Foodiepack comes in various colours and designs. These set of appetizer disposable forks and spoons is a very essential part of any party. Be it a cocktail party that you’re catering for, some birthday party or any other social gathering for that matter, designer set of these appetizer disposable forks and corks will definitely grab the attention and earn some appreciation. Also, we offer a very safe and quick logistics across Europe and of course the economical benefits of buying from a trusted wholesaler like us.


How many times have you received an appreciation for choosing beautiful cutlery from your catering or food-delivery service clients? Quite a few times, right?! But what if we ask the same about appetizer disposable cutleries? Well, not often. In fact, most of the times one doesn’t even pay any attention to it. Obviously, why would they if it’s all the same and mundane!

But well, now they definitely will with a range of these stylish and elegant appetizer disposable spoons and forks by us. They’ll definitely earn you some appreciation from your clients/customers. These finely designed appetizer disposable spoons and forks, presented by us, come with a look and feel of those expensive and fancy cutleries at an economical rate - because Foodiepack is a wholesaler’s hub.

By the way, let us confirm it to you that the low cost of these appetizer disposable spoons and forks doesn’t mean a degraded quality of the same. Just like you, we too believe in delivering high quality and hence deliver the quality that earn appreciation. Also, if you wish to return these appetizer disposable cocktail forks and spoons within 30 days of its purchase, you’ll get a refund without any hassle or long process.

Details and Specifications of Disposable Appetizer Spoons & Forks

Product Overview
These set of disposable appetizer plastic cutlery in the form of spoons and forks are a significant part of any party.

These versatile disposable appetizer spoons and forks come precisely for different occasions and a designer set of these disposable appetizer forks and spoons categorically catch eyes.

They can be used in catering services, food-delivery services, event planners et al.

These extremely practical disposable appetizer spoons are ideal for use by food-service and catering companies during parties and events.

Variety of sizes
The Disposable Appetizer Spoons & Forks are available in an assortment of sizes and colours.

Neutraal, DEPA®

Colour for Spoon
White, Metallic, Transparant

Colour for Fork
White, Metallic, Transparant

Quality Hallmark

Material Used

Version for Spoon
Cocktail Spoon

Version for Fork
Cocktail Fork, Amuse cutlery

Range of Quantity per pallet for Spoons
50, 200

Range of Quantity per pallet for Forks
50, 200

Weights and measures for Spoons
Length (mm) 100

Weights and measures for Forks
Length (mm) 100

Content (pieces) for Spoons
200 (around)

Content (pieces)
200 (around)