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Plastic Ice Cream Spoons

You must have heard that “All’s well that ends well.” But there can never be a better ending to any meal without a scrumptious scoop of ice cream. And to savour this tempting meal-closer - ice cream, Foodipack brings you a wholesome package of these disposable ice cream spoons. These plastic ice cream spoons comes in vibrant colours, just to make the ice cream lovers mood even more colourful. Plus, Foodiepack holds an uncompromised attitude when it comes to the quality of the same, which is why you need not to worry about the quality of these plastic ice cream spoons. Just go ahead and place your order!


Isn’t ice cream the most coolest kind of dessert, both - literally and otherwise! And that’s precisely why Foodiepack brings you the coolest and most colourful lot of these disposable ice cream spoons. Small in size and light in weight, one pallet of the this disposable ice cream spoons contains 96 ice cream spoons. This also makes it easy to carry these plastic ice cream spoon pallet from one place to another and occupies a little space to store.

Foodiepack is a hub of wholesale that deals in multiple such disposable cutleries and other products. So, whether you’re here to buy these ice cream spoons for the event you’re organising professionally or some personal party at home, buy them from Foodiepack and avail our amazing services like - free shipping on orders above £ 175 and money back on 30-day return-policy. So, don’t wait and order now!

Details and Specifications of Plastic Ice Cream Spoons

Product Overview
These plastic ice cream spoons are utilized with ice-cream tubs and milkshake cups.

These versatile plastic ice cream spoons are precise for a wide-range of purpose like for eating an ice-cream sundae out of a tall glass.

They can be used for numerous purposes by catering and food-service companies during parties, diverse events and other occasions.

These plastic ice cream spoons are simple to use and come with striking looks.

Variety of sizes
They are available in miscellaneous range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal

White, Assorted

Quality Hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used

Sorbet and ice-cream

Range of Quantity per pallet
250, 1500

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm)  125, 170