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Party Cocktail Sticks

There’s a whole other world of fancy cocktail connoisseurs. And in that world, the significance of fancy cocktail sticks is equivalent to that of the fancy cocktail glasses and creatively-made cocktails. Foodiepack brings a host of such designer party cocktail sticks in a variety of designs and patterns. Because no one party cocktail stick goes with every cocktail that is being served at the party. So, just explore the entire range of these fancy cocktail sticks and order them in bulk with us!


Cocktail parties are quite fancy, artsy and vibrant, which also calls for the equally fancy, artsy and vibrant party cocktail sticks. Foodiepack has a wide variety of these cocktail sticks with various designs, which are made from different materials as well as different purposes viz. bamboo cocktail sticks, long cocktail sticks and many more!

Foodiepack offers free-shipping service on orders above £ 175, while it also has a very good and reliable logistics service across the entire Europe. Plus, just in case, there’s a situation of returning these fancy cocktail sticks back then don’t worry. You can send them back within 30-days of its purchase and we will return the respective amount to you without asking any questions; and hence making the return-process feasible and hassle-free for you.

Details and Specifications of Party Cocktail Sticks

Product Overview
These types of Cocktail Sticks are utilized to decorate snacks in parties.

This versatile Party Cocktail Sticks are utilized in many ways with drinks and food items at different occasions.

They can be used for plentiful objectives at events and parties. They are utilized by restaurants, snack bars, ice-cream parlours and food caterers.

They have easy reach and can be conveniently used in parties.

Variety of sizes
They are obtainable in an extensive range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Biodore®

Natural, Black, Assorted, Brown, Red, White, Pink

Butterfly, Swinging monkey, Flower, Palm tree 1-ply., Ball, Striped cube, Oriental, Ball with cord, Parasol, Diamond, Mustache, Flag

Quality hallmark

Environmental hallmark
FSC, Green Key, SUP-proof

Material Used
Bamboo, PS

Knot Cocktail stick, Cocktail stick, Satéprikker, Maiskolfprikker

Range of Quantity per pallet
600, 576, 140

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm) 100, 150, 90, 120, 180, 76, 85, 250
Diameter (mm) 5, 3, 2.5