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Napkin and serviette

You can’t organize an event with snacks or meal served without a set of napkins and serviette to go along with them. And hence, Foodiepack brings you the quality range of these paper napkin, along with different napkin dispensers, serviette holders and serviette dispensers. All of them are pretty much versatile in their design and pattern to go well with all types of parties and event. Whether its a kids’ party, some casual dinner, wedding, corporate function or some restaurant and food-truck business, these paper napkins, serviette and serviette holders are a must for them. So, explore the entire range listed below and order for what suits your requirement the best

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Having paper napkins and serviette holder at any event does not depend upon what meal or snacks are you serving. These set of disposable eating requisite is must, regardless of the food being served or the place of its serving. And hence, whether you’re an event planner, restaurant owner, food-truck owner or even a just someone who is planning to organise a party by themselves - it’s always a advisable to buy these napkin and serviette dispenser in bulk. You never know how much you’ll need. Plus, they can always be stocked up and used later.

So don’t think much and place your order for these serviette holder, paper napkin holder and paper napkins from Foodiepack and avail our amazing customer-friendly services like - free shipping on orders above £ 175, very good logistics across Europe and money back on returning the product within 30 days of its purchase!

Details and Specifications of Napkin & Serviette

Product Overview
This type of Napkin & Serviette are ideally utilized with a snack, filled roll or ice-cream. But also for a set table. The dispenser makes it easy to unpack a napkin.

These versatile Napkin & Serviette are precise for a wide-range of purpose and come very handy with buffets or food served in parties.

They can be used for numerous objectives at various types of events, occasions and parties.

They are hygienic and prevent waste as the dispenser dispenses serviettes one at a time.

Variety of sizes
They are available in an extensive range of product categories, sizes and colours.

Neutraal, Biodore®, Duni, 100%eco

White, Brown, Beige, Red/White, Light Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Dark Green, Black, Orange, Cream, Grey, Lime, Fuchsia, Transparent

Quality Hallmark

Environment Hallmark

Material Used
Paper, PS

1-ply, 2-ply, Dispenser box

Dispenserservet, Serviettes - all-over colour, Serviette dispenser

Range of Quantity per pallet
24, 216, 1296, 240, 480, 30, 200

Range of Weights and Measures
Height (cm) 17
Width (cm) 31, 33, 24, 40, 16
Length (cm) 31, 33, 29, 24, 22, 40, 19
Size Napkins: (cm) 33x22, 24x29, 33x33, 31x31, 40x40, 22x33