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Eating requisities

Apart from disposable plates, bowls, glasses and cutleries, the disposable eating requisites are also must for every meal that is being served. They add convenience and class to the event you are organising and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Of course, the quality of the food is the prime factor but missing out on providing such disposable eating requisites does create a bad impression. And hence, Foodiepack brings you an entire range of these disposable eating requisites that are both attractive in their appearance and easy to use. Explore the entire range and place your order!

Foodiepack brings you a host of eating requisites that are disposable and yet not boring. A wide range of these disposable eating requisites by us are great in both quality as well as the price. Though small in their sizes and always considered as secondary elements, these disposable eating requisites like the tablecloth, napkin, cocktail sticks, et al. are of vital importance for any event that includes serving some or the other kind of meal.

Place your order for these disposable eating requisites and avail the very good logistics service of ours. We also offer free shipping service on the order above £ 175. Plus, our ever-amazing and customer-friendly 30-day return policy where you get your money back for the respective products returned. So hurry and place your bulk order!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Eating Requisites

Product Overview
These types of Disposable Eating Requisites are used to cover and protect a table, utilized with a snack, filled roll or ice-cream, used to decorate snacks, has space for a knife, fork and spoon, used to strap, bind, hang up, tie close or wrap and used as grill and chill party boxes in parties.

These versatile Disposable Eating Requisites are precise for a wide-range of purpose.

They can be used for numerous objectives at multiple types of events, occasions and parties.

These disposable eating requisites are lightweight, hygienic and prevent waste.

Variety of sizes
They are accessible in range of sizes and colours.

Neutraal, Biodore®, 100%eco, DEPA®, SendProof®

White, Red, Black, Red/White, Brown, Beige, Light Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Dark Green, Orange, Cream, Grey, Lime, Fuchsia, Transparent, Blue, Assorted, Natural

Quality Hallmark

Material Used
Paper, PS, PP, Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Sisal, Bamboo

Cocktail sticks, cord, Box, decorative toothpick for snacks, saté skewer, Beach umbrella

All-over colour, 1-ply, 2-ply, 5-ply, Dispenser box,  Specials, 10 pers., 6 pers., 1 strand - thin, 1 strand - medium, 3 strands – thick, 2-strands, 2 strands - thin, 3 strands - medium, 3-strands


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