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The drinking category of Foodiepack includes all types of disposable products that are required for a social gathering or event involving any kind of drink. The requirement of disposable drinking cups, glasses and cutleries has always remained high, but the only risk of using them for social gatherings is that they’re breakable and hence even more expensive. A variety of range of these drinking cups and cutleries by Foodiepack is the aptest and stylish option that suits the current demand of the market. Also, being a wholesaler, we know how much does logistics matter to you and hence provide a suitable and safe logistics service across Europe.

Foodiepack offers you a wide variety of disposable drinking glasses, which are both stylish as well as affordable. Whether you’re looking for the glasses that serves cold drinks or hot beverages that warms-up the mood, Foodiepack has several varieties for both sections. In fact, we also have too other disposable cutleries that are required along with these hot & cold serving disposable cups. These cutleries comprises of the stirrers, spoons and other beverages/drinks container like juice bottles, jars with lid, sugars and creamers, et al.

Apart from the wide range of disposables for drinking, which are high in demand, we also do care about nature. We feel it as our moral responsibility to sell and promote the eco-friendly drinking disposable products over its not-so-eco-friendly counterpart products. Hence, we also have this eco-friendly disposable cups and cutleries like cardboard cups, which are meant for both hot as well as cold beverages.

Foodiepack, being a wholesaler, we do offer very affordable prices of all of these disposable products for beverages. But on the same hand, we also do not believe in compromising the quality or the services we offer. And hence, we offer 100% money back on the products returned within 30 days of its purchase date. In addition to that, we also offer free shipping on the minimum value order of £ 175 or more.

Details and Specifications of Disposables for Drinking

Product Overview
These products are utilized while serving water and drinks.

These versatile products are precise for a wide range of purposes such as serving cola, lemonade, fruit juices and having cold drinks.

They can be used for numerous purposes at multiple types of events and occasions. 

These cups are lightweight, hygienic, easy to stack and pleasing to drink out of.

Variety of sizes
They are obtainable in a range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal

Transparent, Blue, Red, White, Text or Motif

Quality Hallmark

Material Used
PS, Carton/PE, Carton, PLE, PET

Drinking cup, plastic glasses

Range of Quantity per pallet
100, 250, 210, 1000, 1250, 2000, 3000

Range of Weights and Measures
Height (mm) 63, 95, 86, 105 
Contents (ml) 100, 200, 300, 400, 180, 170, 150, 250, 565, 280, 1000, 330,500
Contents (oz) 4, 10, 16
Diameter (mm) 95, 115, 73, 80, 90, 79, 70.3, 62, 118
Contents (cl) 30
Contents (cc) 280, 330, 1000, 750, 250, 500
Length (mm) 148, 120, 110, 108
Length (cm) 10.0
Weight (gr) 5.0, 2.5, 4
Contents (gr) 2.5, 0.5
Width (mm) 17


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