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Sugars and creamers

Disposable sugar and creamer sachets are quite a trending product in today’s world and hence Foodiepack brings you the stylish-most design and packaging of it for you. Be it for the party you’re organising or the restaurant/cafe you’re running, these lot of disposable sugar and creamer sachets are the most convenient as well as classiest option. So stock them up, now!


Every party or event that involves serving some or any other kind of beverages like tea or coffee, definitely needs such sugar sachets and coffee creamer sachets. More so, if you are into the catering business, since the demand of serving them at a high-tea always remains high. In fact, in today’s day and age, the disposable sugars and creamers are a more viable and widely used products against their counterparts, sold in loose.

These range of disposable sachets of sugar and creamer are also largely used in the cafes and restaurants, given the demand of on-the-go coffee & tea drinkers. Both the disposable sugar sachets and creamer sachets comes in a stylishly designed and clearly distinguishable packaging.

Foodiepack gives you an opportunity to buy these disposable creamer and sugar sachets at a very reasonable rate and also the option to get free shipping on order of and above £ 175. In fact, if you had to return the products you’ll be refunded the respective amount if the returning procedure is done within 30 days of buying it. So, don’t wait and place your bulk order for these stylishly decided disposable sugar and creamer sachets.

Details and Specifications of Disposable Sugar and Creamer Sachets

Product Overview
They are used to offer your tea and coffee with sugar sticks in a handy dispenser box.

Hygienic Packaging
Offering sugar in portion packaging is hygienic than a pot of sugar cubes on the table which even reduces the wastage. The sticks also make it trouble-free for tea or coffee drinkers to add just the precise amount of sugar to go well with their taste.

Striking Dispenser Box
This well-organized packaging contains individual sugar sticks that can with no trouble be taken out of the outsized opening one at a time.

Professional Look
Selecting the best brand emphasizes a professional look making a better presentation while offering creamer sticks.

Douwe Egberts, I'M Concept, Retro®, Canderel


Douwe Egberts Light & Creamy, Canderel

Material Used
Paper, Food

Sugar, Creamer stick, Canderelstick  

Range of Quantity per pallet

Weights and measures
Weight (gr) 5.0, 2.5, 4
Contents (gr) 2.5, 0.5
Length (mm) 108, 100-200mm
Width (mm) 17, 10-50mm