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Stirrers - spoons

Serving drinks alone is not the best thing to do. Every drink has to have a company of stirrer or spoon, according to its respective nature, and only then it is considered to be a proper serving. Of course, you know this well, then how can you even think of ignoring these stirrers and spoons for drinks when it comes to using disposable. Foodiepack brings you a variety of these disposable stirrer and spoon for drinks, which sets the table for drink just perfectly. Get these stylish set of disposable stirrer and spoon for drinks now and witness the elevation in your business!


Foodiepack brings you three different variety of disposable spoon for drinks, viz. white spoons, wooden spoons for coffee/tea and designer black spoons. All of these spoons are great in their quality as well as its look and feel. Pick any of them or may be all the three types of disposable spoons for drink and provide variety to your customers.

Similarly, we also have multiple variety under the category of disposable stirrer for drink too, which includes disposable stirrer for drinks in both white and black colour while the there are also a beautiful set of drink stirrers made out of wood.

Both the range of disposable spoon and stirrer for drinks comes in variety of brand, which are selectively-picked by prioritising the quality of the product. So what are you waiting for? Place your order above £ 175 for these wooden coffee stirrers and spoons and get free shipping at you door step, since we have also got a very good logistics service all across the Europe.

Details and Specifications of Disposable Stirrer & Spoon for Drinks

Product Overview
These stirrer - spoons are utilized for stirring, eating and presenting food.

These versatile products are precise for a wide-range of purposes such as stirring hot drinks, eating boiled eggs, having soft ice-creams, presenting amuse and as condiment spoons.

They can be used for numerous purposes at different types of events.

These products are made of sturdy plastic (PS) and have an excellent grip.

Variety of sizes
They are available in range of sizes and colours.

I'M Concept, Neutraal, Biodore®

Black, White, Brown

Environmental hallmark
Other 7, Kiemplant, Green Key, FSC 100%

Quality Hallmark
Voedselveilig, Temp. max. 85°C

Material Used
PS, Wood, C-PLA, PP

Deluxe spoon, Coffee spoon, Stirrer

Range of Quantity per pallet

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm) 148, 120, 110
Length (cm) 10.0