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Disposable spoons

Every meal is incomplete with this very disposable cutlery - spoon. Foodiepack knows it for a fact and hence brings you an extensive range of these disposable spoons to suit your and your customer’s requirement. The disposable spoons that we bring for you, come in a variety of design, colour, material and its brand. So that you can have multiple options to choose from for the specific demand that you might have. And all these variations in the design and disposable spoons because we believe, the more the merrier!



Some cutleries are mandatory and don’t ever go out-of-fashion. The disposable spoons are also one such piece of disposable cutlery. But of course, the changing trend is also something that matters here. And this is why Foodiepack has brought together a wide range of disposable spoons in varied designs and colour.

Foodiepack is your one-stop-solution for disposable products that you’re searching for and hence we strive to meet the maximum expectations of yours, whether it is about the quality of these plastic spoons or the design of the same. Each of these disposable spoon presented here serves different purposes; say, for instance, the colourful range of disposable spoons goes well with the party having a vibrant theme/mood while the white one is apt for all kind of event and parties.

As a hub of wholesale, Foodiepack brings you this well-designed and varied disposable spoons at an economical rate. Plus, customer-friendly 30-day return-policy where you get the money back. So, what are you thinking? Place your order now. And if that order is of or above £ 175, then we’ll be providing our free-shipping service!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Cutlery Spoons

Product Overview
These disposable cutlery spoons are utilized to stir drinks, eating and presenting food.

These versatile disposable cutlery spoons are precise for a wide-range of purpose like stirring hot drinks, eating boiled eggs, having soft ice-creams, presenting amuse as well as utilized as condiment spoons.

They can be used for numerous purposes by catering and food-service companies during parties, different events and occasions.

These disposable cutlery spoons are straightforward to use, have a better grip and are simple but come with attractive looks.

Variety of sizes
They are obtainable in a diverse range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal

White, Blue, Turquoise, Metallic, Black, Fuchsia, Green, Transparent

Quality Hallmark

Environmental Hallmark
Green key, Eco Rating 4, Seedling, Other 7

Material Used

Coffee spoon, Spoon straw, Sorbet and ice-cream, Cocktail spoon

Range of Quantity per pallet
96, 180, 320, 800, 40, 700

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm)  120, 230, 170, 100, 165, 175