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Disposable plastic cups with lids

A normal disposable plastic cups is great for a normal evening that serves food/beverages. But today, that is not all. We don’t want the liquids or beverages spilling off from those cups and creating an unnecessary mess. And hence, the increased demand of disposable plastic cups with lid. Foodiepack brings you a range of such disposable plastic cups with lid to meet this increased demand of the market. Be the favoured one in your local market with the quality-based products Foodiepack brings for you. Also, we provide a free shipping for the orders of and above £ 175. So, grab the opportunity of buying these high-in-demand disposable cups with lid from us at a very reasonable rate.



The need of disposable plastic cups with lid has seen a rise in every corporate event or any other social gathering that serves liquid/beverages. One prefers to have these closed-lid cups over the closed ones for one - it avoids spilling off the beverage in it and second - they can get the beverage packed to be able to carry it along with them. It is the most convenient and helpful product for the ones in the food delivery business too. And hence, Foodiepack is here with these disposable plastic cups with lid to meet this increased demand.

Being an wholesaler, the rates that we at Foodiepack offer, is also quite economical and that too without compromising at the quality of the same. We also have a very good logistic services across the entire Europe, which means great service at your doorstep. So, it’s best not to wait and place your bulk order for these disposable plastic cups with lid, right away!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Plastic Cups with lid

Product Overview
These cups come with a tamper-evident seal and a bucket handle making sure safe packaging and an optimal presentation.

The well-fitting lid and the handle not only make the containers additionally versatile and eye-catching, they also make them trouble-free to carry.

They are sturdy, lightweight containers and are microwave-safe. They are utilized for presenting non-food products.

Carrying hot and cold drinks is hassle-free with these disposable plastic cups with a perfectly fitting lid.

Variety of sizes
They are accessible in a range of sizes right from an olive cup to a large one litre container.

Neutraal, DEPA®



With guarantee closure

Quality Hallmark

Material Used

With lid

Range of Quantity per pallet
20, 25, 50,96, 48, 3000, 4200, 100

Range of Weights and Measures
Contents (ml)100-200ml/ 200-500ml 565, 180, 280, 1000, 150,180, 100
Diameter (mm) 118, 95
Contents (cc) 280