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Disposable dessert cups

Disposable Appetizer Dessert Cups has been the highlight of every event that involves food. The reason is both - the dessert itself as well as the presentation of the same. And hence, Foodiepack brings you a range of these beautifully designed disposable dessert cups and that too at wholesale rates. Place your bulk order with a minimum value of £ 175 and take the leverage of our free delivery service as well as our amazing logistics across Europe. We’re sure these pieces of disposable appetizer dessert cups will definitely turn out to be beneficial for to your business.


A dessert a day keeps sadness away! We’re sure you must have heard of this famous proverb. No? Well, okay, we agree that it’s not a proverb but that those words have truth in them. Desserts does make you feel happy. Even science confirms it by saying that eating sweets releases the endorphins - a hormone that makes one feel better. So here is the stylish range of disposable dessert cups for all your clients/customers having a sweet-tooth.

Foodiepack brings you an impressive range of these disposable dessert cups at a very cost-effective price on bulk-buying. So what if they’re these disposable dessert cups, the presentation part of it can not be overlooked. And hence the emphasis on their design and styling.

So, don’t wait on. Go on and place your order. It’s about time to include these disposable cups on your rack, for just like you, your customers are also going to love them. And if you happen to return them within 30 days of its purchase, which we’re sure you won’t have to, we’ll give you the money back without asking any questions.

Details and Specifications of Disposable Appetizer Mini Dessert Cups

Product Overview
Disposable Appetizer Dessert Cups are a key part of all the events that involve food and partying.

Hot and Cold
These disposable appetizer cups are a fit for both hot and cold delicacies and can even be utilized for dips, sauces as well as herb butter. They can be offered on an amuse plate or in a blend with an amuse spoon.

An Disposable Appetizer Concept
When it comes to present desserts everything revolves across tasting and enjoyment. Our far-reaching Disposable Appetizer concept includes a wide range of stylish cups with a marvellous presentation and an extraordinary experience.


Rectangular, Square, Round

Black, Metallic, Transparant

Quality hallmark

Material Used

Amuse dish, Amuse cup

Weights and Measures
Measure: 33x57x57, 40x55,42x42, 55x55, 80x80,130x130,195x65
Contents (ml) 50