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Disposable forks

Disposable Forks and Spoons are like a pair of disposable cutleries that has and will always remain high in demand. They’re till date considered to be the eating utensil etiquette and hence, every meal has to have disposable fork and spoon in order to complete the meal. Foodiepack recognises with this etiquette and brings you a host of these disposable forks at wholesale rates. Setting up the table for any meal does require disposable fork along with the disposable spoon since they are literally at right and left of every meal that is being served. So, pick your type from the varied options that Foodiepack has brought here for you and complete the basic-most requirement of the meal-table.


100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days

Be it for the high-tea that you’re looking for the disposable forks, or a birthday party or any other such event, we are quite sure that your search is going to end here at Foodiepack. We have multiple and not one reason to have such a kind of surety, one of which is the number of options that we have for you to choose from - in terms of the design, colour and even the material.

Foodiepack also believes in delivering an uncompromised quality, despite  the economical rates we offer. We also have this 30-day return policy, where you get the money back if the product is being returned unused within 30 days of its purchase. And also, if your order is of £ 175 or more, we’ll deliver the lot at your doorstep free of cost - provided that’s within Europe! So, don’t wait and place your order now - not just for the disposable forks but also the matching disposable spoons from heres!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Forks

Product Overview
These disposable cutlery forks are utilized to have snacks and other food.

These versatile disposable cutlery forks are precise for a wide-range of purpose which includes having either a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

They can be used for numerous purposes by catering and food-service companies during different events, parties and occasions.

These disposable cutlery forks are simple to use and can be easily combined with the table knives and spoons, dessert or cake forks and coffee or teaspoons utilized in a series.

Variety of sizes
They are obtainable in assorted range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal, Bright®

White, Metallic, Blue, Green, Black, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Transparent

Quality Hallmark

Environmental  Hallmark
Green Key, Seedling, Other 7

Material Used

Fork,  Amuse cutlery

Range of Quantity per pallet
96, 750, 810, 48, 900

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm)  135, 190, 100, 165, 150
Content (pieces) 200