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Disposable food trays & bowls

Gone are the days when food was being served in crystal plates and bowls at the social gathering. Today, we use its convenient alternative - the disposable food trays and bowls. And these disposable party trays and bowls are even better when bought from Foodiepack, because we bring them in bulk and at impressively inexpensive rates. In addition to that, we have an extensive range of these disposable bowls and food trays, where each design is carefully crafted to meet diverse requirements and by keeping the quality high. Check out the entire range and pick the one that suits your requirement!

Disposable food trays and bowls are the most demanded disposables today. But the lack of quality and creativity in their designs often upsets you - the buyers. While keeping this challenge in mind, Foodiepack comes with a range of these disposable party trays and bowls that you can trust for the quality and be impressed by its creative and convenient designs.

The extensive range of disposable food trays and bowls brought to you by Foodiepack comprises of the below variety of products:

  • Disposable Food Trays
  • Foam Trays
  • Aluminium Trays & Bowls
  • Cardboard Trays & Bowls
  • Catering & Serving Trays
  • Egg Cartons
  • Cardboard Fruit Trays

Each of these disposable food trays and bowls is made up of different material and comes in varied shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a catering service provider for small gatherings, a restaurant owner who needs these disposable party trays and bowls to serve your customer or anyone into the food serving business; Foodiepack is the right place to buy these party trays and disposable bowls in bulk.

Foodiepack also has this amazing logistics service across Europe. Plus, free shipping on orders of  € 175 and above. And in case, you return the unused products within 30-days of its purchase, Foodiepack gives you the respective money back without asking any questions. Place your order

Details and Specifications of Disposable Food Trays & Bowls

Product Overview
These Disposable Food Trays & Bowls are used to serve and present food products to everyone.

These versatile Disposable Food Trays & Bowls are precise for a wide-range of functions such as   for serving, packaging and presenting snacks and other food items.

They can be used for frequent purposes at multiple types of events, parties and occasions.

These products are an ideal way to make sure that the food is served well and remain crisp.

Variety of sizes
These trays are accessible in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Neutraal, DEPA®, Biodore®

White, Black, Transparent, Grey, Brown, Blue, Aluminium

Rectangular, Oval, Round

Quality Hallmark

Material Used
PS, PET, Aluminium, Cardboard, PLA, Karton/PE, Karton + PE

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