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Plastic bottles for drinks with caps

Disposable Bottles for Drinks are the more demanded disposable product in the market. Whether you’re a corporate company looking for such disposable bottles for branding or restaurant owner who wants to have such bottles for their own branding or you’re yourself a brand selling some beverage/water in such plastic bottles with caps - Foodiepack’s wide range of varieties in these disposable bottles for drinks with cap is the what suits perfectly with your demand. Also, when it comes to the quality and pricing of these disposable drinking bottles with caps, you need not to worry at all. Because, alike you, Foodiepack doesn’t believe in any kind of compromise and yet quote the most reasonable pricing.



Drinking beverages and water in a glass is indeed the most satisfying option. But in today’s day and age, our routine majorly involves moving in car, train and bus, which clearly means we’re on-the-move for most of the day. And hence, it also means we do need to have these disposable bottles for drinks with caps in order to take care of our conveniency. This is exactly why Foodiepack brings you this extensive range of disposable bottles for drinks with caps, which comes in wide variety of designs to keep-up the pace with the demand of the local retail-market and the end-consumer.

Foodiepack offers free shipping on the orders of and above £ 175, which is both - profitable and convenient for all you retailers in the market. We also have quite a reasonable rate, despite of the high-quality product that we bring for you. Also, we have a very good logistic service across all of the Europe, which makes the whole deal even more convenient and beneficial for you.

Details and Specifications of Disposable bottles for drinks with caps

Product Overview
These bottles are used to present fruit juices and smoothies with labels printed in your company style.

These bottles with vibrant screw caps and your full-colour label will catch the eye of everyone passing by your chiller counter.

Tamper-proof Seals
These bottles being securely closed are perfect packaging for fruit juices, soft drinks, fruit smoothies and other fresh cold drinks.

Variety of sizes
They are obtainable in different range of sizes,printing, labelling and packaging.


Your own printing

Transparent, brown
Cap color: white, black, orange

Quality Hallmark

Material Used

PET bottle

Square, round


With orange cup

Range of Quantity per pallet
16, 20

Range of Weights and Measures
Contents (ml) 250, 330, 500, 1000
Contents (cc) 330, 1000, 750, 250, 500
Cap (mm Ø) 40