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Disposable cups

Disposable cups are the most convenient and widely used product under the category of ‘Disposables for Drinking’. This category majorly revolves around the two most commonly-used type of disposable cups for drinking viz. Disposable Cups for Beverages and Disposable Cardboard Cups. Foodiepack brings you both of these variety of disposable cups at a very economical cost without compromising on the quality of the same. Explore the entire range and get your order booked now!

Foodiepack understands and knows how to keep pace with the demand along taking care of the designs that are in demand in the current market, when it comes for its prime forte of disposable products. And hence, we have brought you with the coolest range of drinking disposable cups that is the high in demand.

This range of disposable drinking cups comes in varied colours and designs, which safely covers all types of beverages/drink/liquid to be served at every kind of event, restaurant or by the food-delivery service provider. We have also taken care of your hygiene by selecting the best of quality that we can get for you. Plus, also the designs of the same are as such that are way ahead of the boringly-designed cheap disposable cups. These range of disposable cups for drinking are both convenient as well as classy.

Foodiepack also provides free shipping on the bulk order made above £ 175. While we also have a very reliable and safe logistics service across the entire Europe. And just in case, if you wish to return the products within 30 days of its purchase, Foodiepack will provide you the money back on that without asking any reasons on return. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of our this deal and amazing service!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Cups

Product Overview
These cups are utilized to serve water and drinks.

These versatile cups are precise for a wide range of purposes such as serving cola, lemonade, fruit juices and other cold drinks.

They can be used for numerous purposes at multiple types of events. 

These cups are lightweight, hygienic, straightforward to stack and pleasing to drink out of.

Variety of sizes
They are available in a range of sizes and colours.

DEPA®, Neutraal

Transparent, Red/black, White, Green

Quality Hallmark

Material Used
PS, PP, PET, Carton/PLA

Drinking cup, drinking cup with pattern

Range of Quantity per pallet
24, 72, 64, 16, 180

Range of Weights and Measures
Height (mm) 63, 95   
Contents (ml) 100, 200, 300, 400, 180
Contents (oz) 4, 10, 16
Diameter (mm) 95, 115, 73, 80, 90, 79, 70.3, 62


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