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Disposable beer glasses

The love for beer is undivided and unaltered across the world. And you know how that it’s a matter of utter significance for all these beer-lovers, to drink from the right kind of beer glass to be able to feel and relish the aroma of the same. So, what if the disposable beer glasses for beer is the more convenient option but these beer lovers refuse to compromise over the design of their beer glasses. This is exactly why Foodiepack comes with the most stylish and apt disposable beer glasses that will perfectly match the demand and hence hit the market. We also offer them at an economical rate along with the benefit of free shipping on orders of and above £ 175. So go ahead and place your bulk order now!


100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days

Drinking beer is quite a phenomenon across the world. Maybe be that is why the beer fanatics across the world do judge you when they see you drinking from some other regular glass. Even if it is a disposable glass, it has to be in a specific design to be able to qualify as a beer glass. And believe us, Foodiepack acknowledges and apprehends with this very phenomenon and hence brings you these stylish range of disposable beer glasses. Something, that has a sureshot and high demand in today’s market. So, if you’re an event manager or into catering/food delivery business, you know you’ll need this range of disposable beer glasses to serve your the most favored drink amongst all - beer!

Foodiepack, being a wholesaler, brings these packs of disposable beer glasses at a very affordable rate and we also do have very good logistics all across Europe. And in case, you had to return the unused products within 30 days of its purchase, we’ll return you the respective amount without asking a single question. Because, the convenience of our customers is what matters the most to us!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Beer Glasses

Product Overview
These glasses are utilized to serve every type of beer.

These versatile glasses are precise for a wide-range of servings including wine, punch, soft drinks, fruit juices, iced teas and coffees and water.

The crystal-clear glasses are lightweight and stackable. They are perfect for use in catering and fast-food companies.

Various models
Beer glasses are obtainable in various models.

Variety of sizes
They are available in range of sizes.

DEPA®, Neutraal


Quality Hallmark

Material Used
PS, PET, sustainable (500x) Tritan, sustainable (500x) San,
Unbreakable PC

Beer/soft drink glass, Amsterdammertje!

Range of Quantity per pallet
72, 24, 144

Range of Weights and Measures
Height (mm) 105
Contents (ml) 200, 250, 300
Contents (cl) 30