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Plastic appetizer plates

Disposable Appetizer Plates are like the protagonist of any story, because it serves the main course. This also makes it a hot-selling product amongst all other appetizer disposables. Plus, Foodiepack, being a wholesaler, offers them at a very are economical rate, which again gives you one more reason to buy them. Order them in bulk with us with a minimum value of £ 175 or above and a get free delivery from us. We also have a very smooth and sorted logistics to offer you all across Europe. So, make the most of it and place your order.

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Every huge event that needs appetizer disposables, revolves majorly around the main food. And hence, it is mandatory to have a stylishly-designed such appetizer disposable plate in order to keep up with the fancied-up event. Also, since the pain of washing plates is too demanding, the demand of these appetizer disposable plates is deemed to be high. And to address this high demand, Foodiepack is here with its wide range of disposable appetizer plate. Order them in bulk in order to stand out from the crowd by offering a stylish range of appetizer disposable plates to your clients/customer and break the monotony of selling the same old-boringly designed appetizer disposable plates.

Appetizer disposables are such a great saviour in this fast-paced lives of ours. But despite from their need because of better conveniency, the quality of the same does matter a lot. And hence Foodiepack brings you these fancy party plates with a quality just as you expect. Because alike you, compromising on anything we sale is not in our books.

Also, our timely and safe logistics is there to serve you. And you can always return the product within 30 days of its purchase and get the money back, if it is not used. Then why wait?! Go on and place your bulk order now!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Appetizer Plates

Product Overview
Serving food in disposable appetizer plates is one of the best options.

Natural and Stylish look
Come in both natural and stylish looks. They are precise for parties and other events.

Hot and Cold
The lightweight plates have a striking fluted rim and are fitting for all occasions. Use these resourceful plates to serve all your hot and cold dishes which include fries, salad, rice, and pasta.

Variety of sizes
The disposable appetizer plates are offered in a selection of sizes and colours.


White, Metallic, Black

Round, Square, Triangle

Quality hallmark

Material Used

Amuse plate

1 compartment

Range of Quantity per pallet
25, 50, 600, 420,400,660,120
Range of Weights and Measures
Sizes (mm) 63x63, 85x85
Width (mm) 63
Length (mm) 63
Diameter (mm) 180, 230, 150, 290