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Disposable placemats

Eating requisites for table are equally important as much as the eating etiquettes are! And in today’s day and age, the traditional disposable placemats have been replaced by the disposable placemats, which is why Foodiepack brings you an entire range of fancy designer and durable disposable placemats. Yes, along with the designer aspect of the same, Foodiepack has also taken care of its quality and hence we have selectively picked each of the disposable placemat that you see here. Place these disposable paper placemats and add elegance to your table. Explore the extensive range and order the ones that suits you the most!


Serving on plates on the table is not enough, neither it is enough to merely place a tablecloth on the table and place the plates. A good and impressive set of disposable placemats is something that isn’t just a good piece of table decor, but it also speaks for the classy taste and the etiquette manners of the host. So, whether you’re the host yourself or an event planner, these disposable placemats is mandatory for your buying-list.

The entire range of these disposable placemats also comes in paper-material, since alike you we also believe in larger use of eco-friendly products. Plus, the beautifully deisgned paper placemats are also great to be complimenting the beautiful decor of the event. Foodiepack has these paper table mats only available in white or pattern so it is easy to choose.

And by the way, did we tell you that Foodiepack has a very good logistics service along with an offer of free shipping service on orders above £ 175?! Yes, that’s true. So, just go ahead and place your bulk order to avail this amazing offer. Plus, we also have this 30-day return policy for your benefit. So, stop thinking and start ordering NOW!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Placemats

Product Overview
This type of Disposable Placemats come in plain design.

This versatile Disposable Placemats can be used in multiple ways.

They are available in various designs and colors



Material Used

All-over colour, Specials

Quantity per pallet

Weights and measures
Width (cm) 27, 30
Length (cm) 42, 40
Size (cm) 27x42, 30x40