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Cardboard Cups

Whoever said disposable cups come in a boring and not-so-creative-looking design haven’t checked out the wide range of drinking disposable cups at Foodiepack. And definitely not these disposable cardboard cups that we offer. They come in very creative designs with equally creative and stylish prints and text on them, in order to make them even more attractive and trendy. All of these cardboard disposable cups by Foodiepack are one of the most hot-selling products, bought by both the catering and food service provider as well as the companies for their corporate branding and internal usage. So, get your hands on these trendy pieces of disposable cups and that too at very affordable rates.

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Disposable cardboard cups are in high demand since a very long time and it seems, there isn’t going to be a downfall there. In fact, with the passing time, the demand has expanded with the requirement of creative innovations on their design and appearance. This is exactly why Foodiepack brings you a wide range of disposable cups, that says ‘I’m Hot’ and ‘I’m Cool’ in a creative and loud manner. This well-designed and trendy cardboard cups are majorly made with cardboard material with PE coating, in order to avoid leakage and cardboard sogging.

Foodiepack also offers these cardboard-made cups with a plain design, so that you can get it custom-printed with your company’s logo design, text or any other print you wish to customise them with. And of course, being a wholesaler, Foodiepack offers these cardboard-made disposable drinking cups at an affordable price.

Plus, you already know about our 30-day return policy with money back and no questions asked. Because we believe in an equally dependable after-sale service, just as much as we believe in delivering quality-based products.

Details and Specifications of Drinking Cardboard Cups

Product Overview
These cups are utilized to serve hot drinks.

These versatile cups are precise for a wide-range of purpose like these cups are perfect for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, glühwein and other drinks.

They can be used for numerous purposes at multiple types of events and clubs. 

Adaptable capacity
They are made of sturdy food-safe cardboard. The plastic coating on the inside makes a cup of hot drink comfy to carry without burning your hand.

LOVLY®, Biodore®, Depa®, Neutral, Own Brand Names

Im Cool, Im Hot, Christmas, coffee cups

Quality Hallmark

Environmental label
FSC Mix, Seedling, Green Key

Material Used
Cardboard, Cardboard / coating, Cardboard / plastic

Drinking cup, Drinking cup with text, drinking cup with brand name, drinking cup with lid, dispenser cup

Incl. cliche costs

Range of Weights and Measures
Contents (ml) 225
Contents (oz) 8