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Plastic Juice Bottles

Being one of the most healthiest drink, the demand of fruit juices should never go down and neither it will rather it’s going to see a rise in the coming day. But that is not enough for anyone of you who are into selling these healthy fruit juices in the market. Given the fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle, it is of vital importance that you serve them these fruit juices in convenient disposable juice bottles. In fact, it is also necessary to have finely & thoughtfully designed disposable bottles for these fruit juice, in order to complement and conserve this finely-made fresh juice. This is exactly what Foodiepack has brought you here and that too at a very reasonable rate.


100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days

If you are a fruit juice seller, the quality of the bottles you serve in does hold high significance. Even if it is a disposable bottle, which is the most preferred and convenient option of all, it is a prerequisite for the bottle to be able to keep the freshness and the quality of the juice pristine for the said time-period. Foodiepack recognises this very vital fact and hence has brought you with this range of disposable bottles for juice.

These disposable juice bottles at Foodiepack comes in different variety and designs, along with an option of putting your brand tag/sticker on it. These variety of designs gives you the freedom to choose which design suits your brand the best. Plus, we also provide free shipping services on all orders of and above £ 175 and of course the quality we bring you is uncompromised.

Foodiepack also has a very good logistics service all across Europe, so if you’re from Europe this will also turn out to be in your benefit. So, what are you waiting for? Place your bulk order for these plastic juice bottles now with us and avail the best of our benefits!

Details and Specifications of Disposable Juice Bottles

Product Overview
Present your fresh cold fruit juices and smoothies in these sturdy bottles.

These bottles make sure your drinks remain fresh for longer time and look striking in the chiller cabinet as well as counters.

Variety of sizes
The juice and cold-drinks bottles are available in range of sizes with waterproof vinyl labels printed.

The labels are printed digitally on the bottles, so the number of colours is indefinite. This means you can even have photographs printed on bottle labels.


Your own printing


Quality Hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used

PET bottle

With orange, black or white cup

Quantity per  pallet
80, cap 3400 pieces

Range of Weights and Measures
Contents (ml) 1000, 500, 330, 250
Cap (mm Ø) 40