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Cardboard fruit trays

Fruits are the best and safest pick to be served at every event that you’re organising. It looks great, tastes delicious, supremely healthy and loved by almost everyone across all ages. And to serve these healthiest and safest kind of eatable, Foodiepack brings you an extensive variety of cardboard fruit trays. We also have the option of cardboard fruit boxes available for those who’re into the selling of fresh box-packed fruits, which can also be customised by printing your brand name onto it. Explore the entire range and order what suits you the most.
Fruits are the best kind of snack to be served at every kind of event that you are organising.



Cardboard fruit trays and boxes are great to serve and sell fruits. The cardboard material of it is nature-friendly while the design is such that suits the purpose the best and also looks impressive. Foodiepack has also taken care of the quality of the cardboard that these cardboard fruit trays are made of, so that it is sturdy enough to easily carry the weight of the fruits it can contain.

Foodiepack has a very good and reliable logistics service across Europe. Plus, we also offer free shipping service on orders above £ 175. And in case, if you return the products within 30 days of it’s purchase, you’ll get the respective amount back without any questions being asked. So, all you need to do is place your order now and relish our service along with the products!

Details and Specifications of Cardboard Fruit Trays

Product Overview
These products can be utilized to present your fruit, snacks and rolls.

These versatile Cardboard Bowls and Trays are precise for a wide-range of functions such as using them for packaging different types of hot meals.

They can be used for many purposes at numerous types of events, parties and occasions by catering service providers.

These cardboard fruit trays are made of sturdy cardboard and can therefore carry a considerable weight of fruit and other products.

Variety of sizes
These cardboard bowls and trays are useful in a range of sizes as well as shapes.


Oval, Round

Gold, White

Quality Hallmark

Material Used
Karton/PE, Karton + PE, Cardboard

Fruit bowl

Range of Quantity per pallet
40, 48, 60, 990, 80, 100, 120, 400, 1000, 1200, 1500, 18, 30, 56, 72, 90

Range of Weights and Measures
Length (mm) 550, 470, 430, 390, 360, 330, 300, 270, 260, 220
Width (mm) 340, 310, 270, 240, 220, 200, 190
Height (mm) 65, 35, 24, 25, 85
Contents (ml) 450.0
Diameter (mm) 340.0, 310.0, 280.0, 260.0, 230.0, 300.0, 250.0, 210.0