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Cardboard food boxes

The transportation of food for catering services or sending it to the restaurant or you food outlet is a daily thing. And food being one of the tricky substance, when it comes to transportation, it requires the packaging that it can rely upon. Foodiepack - the one stop destination for all such food packaging products, brings you such amazing cardboard food boxes that you can rely upon. We have an entire range of these cardboard food containers in different designs and sizes. Explore the entire range and place your bulk order today!

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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When we say, we have a wide range of food packing boxes, we mean it. This particular category of food packaging products we have specially got these cardboard made food boxes that are both sturdy and stylish. These brown-coloured food boxes has a very rustic and raw appearance. They can also be used in making creative food boxes by decorating them and hence, they’re also known as kraft food boxes. And we’re sure that once you buy them from us, you’ll automatically get introduced to the reliable quality products that we offer. Plus, our wholesale prices are equally pleasing and works in your benefit.

Foodiepack offers free-shipping service on orders above £ 175, while it also has a very good and reliable logistics service across entire Europe. Plus, just in case, there’s a situation of returning these cardboard food boxes then don’t worry. You can send them back within 30-days of its purchase and we will return the respective amount to you without asking any questions, and hence making the return-process feasible and hassle-free for you.

Details and Specifications of Cardboard Food Boxes

Product Overview
These Cardboard Food Boxes products are a practical container for different food items.

These versatile Cardboard Food Boxes is suitable for different types of snacks.

They can be used by for frequent purposes by catering agencies, snack bars and street-food stalls.

These products are an ideal way to store greasy and fried items like french fries, sausage rolls, whitebait and doughnuts.

Variety of sizes
The Cardboard Food Boxes are available in diverse sizes.



Quality hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used
Kraft, PLA

Box with window

Quantity per pallet

Range of Weights and measures
Size (mm) 450x300x80, 360x250x80, 550x370x80,
Contents (ml) 350