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Burger wrapping paper

Safe and Hygienic Burger Wrapping Paper are best substitute to traditional silver foil papers. It assists to preserve the food nutrients while packing under it for a longer period of time. Research has proved that they are more healthier than the typical silver foil paper sheets. Foodiepack has brought you a range of Burger Wrapping Paper which are precise for Wrapping Daily Food products including burgers, filled rolls, fish, snacks, breads, parathas, bakery items, sandwitches, pizza and many more.                                                                                                                      



Packaging of food products needs a quality-based wrap that goes best with diverse kind of food items. Burger Wrapping Paper has become one of the handy food wrapping product and that is exactly why we have brought it in here for you at a reasonable price.

Foodiepack offers free-shipping service on orders above £ 175, while it also has a very good and reliable logistics service across entire Europe. Plus, just in case, there’s a situation of returning this burger wrapping paper back then don’t worry. You can send them back within 30-days of its purchase and we will return the respective amount to you without asking any questions, and hence making the return-process feasible and hassle-free for you.

Details and Specifications of Burger Wrapping Paper

Product Overview
These Burger Wrapping Paper are used for hygienically packaging food products.

These Burger Wrapping Paper are precise for a wide-range of functions such as wrapping burgers, filled rolls, fish and greasy snacks.

They are ideal for packaging food products and are used by snack bars, sandwich shops, food stalls as well as fish shops.

These products look professional and contents that will be consumed later will also stay tasty as well as fresh.

Variety of Sizes
The Burger Wrapping Paper in an assortment of style and colours.


Pubchalk, I'M a SNACK

Green, White/grey

Quality hallmark
Food Safe

Material Used
Paper, Paper+kst

Hamburgersheet, Meat-saver paper

Range of Quantity per pallet
102, 210, 36, 480
Range of Weights and Measures
Size (cm) 30x34, 30x33, 13x10, 34x33