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Appetizer disposables

Appetizer Disposables are one of the most basic necessity in today’s day and age. Foodiepack brings you the most trusted and quality range of these appetizer disposable products in bulk. Pick from the expansive and well-designed range of these appetizer disposables and take leverage of our services like amazing logistics across Europe, free shipping on ordering minimum value of £ 175 and above. Plus, the hassle-free money back policy on returning the products within 30 days, which also works as a clear benefit for you!

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100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days
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Mundanity bores us all. Maybe, that is why each of us seeks for a little amount of creativity in everything around us. In such a situation, how can we afford to leave the appetizer disposables that you use in its age-old plain and mundane form! So, here is the team of Foodiepack, to introduce you with a wide range of ‘The Appetizer Disposables’, each of them categorized and mentioned as below:

  • Disposable Appetizer Plates
  • Disposable Appetizer Spoons and Forks
  • Disposable Appetizer Cups
  • Disposable Appetizer  Dessert Cups

So,  what are you waiting for? Be it the next annual gathering of your company, next order for your catering service or next big party that you’re hosting -  place your order now from our range of light-weight but designer ‘Appetizer Disposables’.

Details and Specifications of Appetizer Disposables

Product Overview
This series of amuse products in the form of disposable amuse plates, plastic disposable amuse trays, amuse dishes plastic, disposable cutlery, are essential part of an event or party.

These versatile starter disposables come in handy on different occasions

The disposable appetizer products are highly used for serving light snacks such as spring rolls, French fries and all other types of appetizers and entrees.

The disposable starter products are lightweight, stackable and take up limited storage space. That is why it is easy to transport them and serve the snacks in style!

Variety of sizes
The single-use products are available in various sizes and colors.

Neutral, DEPA®

Oval, Round, Rectangular, Square

White, Black, Transparent, Beige, Gray (or metallic)

Quality Halmark
Food safe

Material used
PS, PP, EPS, Cardboard, PET, Aluminum, Wood

Range of Quantity per Pallet
20, 36, 120, 72, 24, 64, 60, 75, 80, 48, 42, 40, 90, 210, 120

Range of Weights and Mesures
Width (mm) 150, 80, 195, 140, 82, 66.97, 320, 260, 138, 120, 150, 100
Length (mm) 285, 198, 240, 70, 108, 66.97, 520, 320, 203, 140, 210, 60
Height (mm) 38, 135.0, 15, 72, 45, 30, 28.5, 70, 60, 40
Content (ml) 1000.0, 30, 10, 75, 125, 250, 65
Diameter (mm) 115.0