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Aluminium trays and bowls

Aluminium Trays and Bowls are great for keeping the food hot and re-heating and are equally great in its appearance for serving food too. Foodiepack brings you this shiny and stylish range of disposable aluminium catering trays and that too at a very economical price. These aluminium food trays are great for baking, grilling, barbeque-ing and other such food-preparing processes since it is made out of heat-resistant material. We have taken care of the quality of its material and hence handpicked each of the aluminium catering trays listed in here. So, just go and buy the ones that best suits your purpose.


100% money back guarantee
Return within 30 days

Be it the design of the disposable catering trays or the quality of it, we know that you’ll be equally concerned with both the factors. And hence, Foodiepack brings you a host of these handpicked aluminium trays for food that is the perfect mix of a good a design and the quality. You can also use them to in oven, whether it’s for reheating the food, baking something or cooking from the scratch. These disposable aluminium catering trays are also great for delivering the food, since the aluminium material of it keeps the food warm for quite some time.

Foodiepack also has these amazing logistics service across Europe, so if your order goes beyond £ 175 you can avail the free shipping service of ours. And in case, you had to return the unused pallets of these aluminium trays for food then we also have these customer-friendly 30-day return policy. So, go ahead and place your bulk order now!

Aluminum Catering Trays Disposable
Aluminium trays for food
Aluminum food tray
Aluminum Catering Trays

Details and Specifications of Aluminium Trays and Bowls

Product Overview
These products can be utilized as baking trays and for presenting food products.

These versatile Aluminium Trays and Bowls are precise for a wide-range of functions such as using them on the barbecue, for packaging and presenting baked apples or fruit pies.

They can be used for many purposes at numerous types of events, parties and occasions.

These trays and bowls are an ideal way to present different food items as well as for using in the oven or on the grill.

Variety of sizes
These trays are handy in a range of sizes and shapes.


Round, square, retangle


Quality Hallmark

Material Used
Lid: PLA

Aluminium tray

Range of Quantity per pallet
72, 80

Range of Weights and Measures
Diameter (mm) 100.0
Content (pieces) 250